Monday, 7 August 2017


Since he first appeared in The HUCKLEBERRY
HOUND Show back in the late '50s, YOGI BEAR
has been present on shop shelves in some form of mer-
chandise in every decade right up to the present.  That's
quite an achievement when you think about it.  I now have
more items of '60s merchandise than I had back then, and
I'm always on the lookout to add to my collection.  Three
items I had in the '60s yet elude me, those being a pair
of Yogi slippers, a Hallowe'en mask, and an inflatable
'Punch' Yogi.  Maybe one day, eh?

In the meantime, here's a couple of items I acquired
only recently - a Yogi toothbrush holder from the '60s,
and a Yogi bubble bath from the mid-'90s.  That bear's
going to take over the world someday - trust me.


Arfon Jones said...

Love Yogi, I have a fond memory of coming home on a packed bus from a club late one Saturday night clutching a Yogi Bear kiddy meal box from a local burger bar, complete with Yogi and Ranger Smith figures! Happy days… Sold them a few years ago and bought a set of Yogi and BoBo bobble heads instead!

Kid said...

I've got those Yogi burger toys, AJ, they're great wee items. I've also got a Yogi bobble head figure, as well as Huckleberry Hound. Don't think I've got the Boo Boo one though. I've got Yogi jigsaws, cups, thimbles, spoons, egg cups, soap dish holders, badges, figures, annuals, comics, DVDs, videos, records, CDs, etc. Long live Yogi. He should oppose Trump in the next presidential elections.

Anonymous said...

I have cool memories of him also mainly the cartoons especially his voice along with Tom and Jerry, Top cat, Secret Squirrel, etc. Also Kid don't ruin Yogi's name by suggesting he becomes one of the elites. Oh that's right he used to steal, now I get it.


Kid said...

Nah, T, Yogi didn't steal those picnic baskets, he merely 'liberated' them. Talking of Tom & Jerry, the early cartoons (before they went in for that 'modern' look) are absolutely brilliant.

Colin Jones said...

I'm curious about the Yogi Hallowe'en mask - a Yogi mask doesn't sound very scary !

I too love Tom & Jerry and so did my father. We also loved Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck :)

Kid said...

Dressing up at Hallowe'en isn't restricted to 'scary' costumes, CJ. Kids would go out as Batman, Yogi Bear, and loads of other characters. It's the same today - just look at the variety of costumes on sale for Hallowe'en - superheroes, cartoon characters, and horror-themed outfits - just about everything in fact.

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