Sunday, 6 November 2016


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Here's something I'm deliberating over, with which
you might be able to help me.  The very first DENNIS The
MENACE book came out in 1955 (for '56).  It then came out
every second year until 1977 (for '78), and then took a holiday
for five years.  In 1982, the '83 book was issued, and again
there was a two year gap between the next two books
('85 & '87, issued in '84 & '86 respectively).

The next book (for '88) came out a year after the pre-
vious one, and they were released annually right up until
the last one in 2010 (for 2011).  So here's what's bothering
me:  Which one would you say qualifies as the first 'Annual'?
The '87 book, which came out a year before the next (but
two years after the one before), or the '88, which came
out a year after its predecessor?

What's your view on the matter?


Colin Jones said...

The 1956 one. As far as I'm concerned an "annual" is just a hardback book traditionally given as a Christmas present - the fact that Dennis The Menace didn't actually come out annually till 1987 is irrelevant.

Kid said...

Unfortunately, CJ, 'as far as you're concerned' doesn't bear resemblance to the facts. The 1956 book wasn't an Annual, as it didn't come out 'annually'. That's why they were called 'The Dennis The Menace Book', not 'The Dennis The Menace Annual' (until 2003). I suppose the 1987 book, being the first book to come out a year BEFORE the next one, is the one that starts the annual tradition.

Colin Jones said...

OK, you're right. But we all just say "annual" when we mean a hardbook book received at Christmas, don't we ? Well, I do anyway.

Kid said...

Well, you're partially right - most of us do. However, what we call something and what it is, is not always the same thing. For example, some people call puzzle & activity magazines for children 'comics' - but they aren't quite.

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