Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Image copyright DC COMICS

JACK KIRBY was a master at producing power-packed
pages, but he was equally adept at portraying quiet scenes.  This
is one such scene, where five people do no more than crouch in a
Time Cube, yet the air of impending action is practically palpable.
WALLY WOOD's inks enhance the page in a way that very few
inkers could emulate, but that was the magic of Woody.
Together, he and Jack made a formidable team.


Phil S said...

This a a great page. Kirby was a master of forced perspective and Wood was the best at spot blacks. Plus it's the Challengers with a Roman soldier! Who could ask for more?

Kid said...

There's perhaps something not quite right about the perspective on the right-hand side of the pic, PS, but it's still a great splash page sure enough.

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