Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Ready for another dose of TV EXPRESS WEEKLY covers?
Then you've come to the right place at the right time, as another ten
front page features now present themselves for your viewing pleasure.
As you'll know (because I told you in a previous post), this weekly
periodical lasted from 1954 until 1962, before merging with TV
COMIC, which itself lasted for another 22 years.

So enjoy RON EMBLETON's excellent art on Col. PINTO,
and don't forget to return for the next part of this great series!  And
if there are any Criv-ites who are old enough to have bought this
comic back in the day, let's read your reminiscences about it.
(You know where the comments section is.)


B Smith said...

Call me an old grump, but I can't imagine any of the Dambuster crew shouting "Yahoo!" while taking off on their mission.

That said, excellent work by Mr Embleton.

Colin Jones said...

The top line on the first cover says "Begins today - the life story of Danny Blanchflower" - I couldn't care less about football and he was before my time anyway but I know his name because he had refused to be on "This Is Your Life". I'd always assumed the show had been pre-recorded so it didn't really matter if he'd refused to take part but I just looked on Wikipedia and apparently he walked away live on air saying This Is Your Life was an invasion of privacy - that must have been embarrassing, I wonder what they did for the next half hour ?

Kid said...

You're an old grump, BS - but so am I, because I can't imagine it either.


That's one of the reasons they probably started pre-recording them, I guess, CJ. (Assuming they did, that is. I think they did, but I'm not sure.)

Nick Caputo said...

Hi Kid,

Thank's for introducing me to Ron Embleton's art. Incredible stuff, reminding me in places of a combination Russ Heath/John Severin (and I can assure you that's a high compliment!). More please!

Kid said...

Nae bother, Nick - glad you like it. Take a look at some of my TV Century 21 posts and you'll see more of Ron Embleton's art. He was the artist on Stingray (until his brother Gerry took over), and it's top notch stuff indeed. Just type TV Century 21 into the Blogger search box in the top left-hand corner on my home page.

Kid said...

Nick, here's a link to check out: http://kidr77.blogspot.com/2013/09/ron-embletons-stingray-from-tv-century.html

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