Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Four years after FRANKENSTEIN, came The
BRIDE Of FRANKENSTEIN, a sequel that was
regarded in some quarters as being superior to its
predecessor.  Me?  I like 'em both equally.


TC said...

The sequel had a music score, and also felt like it took place on a larger scale. But it is still a sequel, and would not have been made if its predecessor had not been a hit.

The opening credits show how much Karloff's star had risen by the time the sequel was made. In the original, his name is not even listed in the opening credits, maybe to preserve a certain mystique ("The Monster...?"). At the end, his name is listed, along with the rest of the cast. (e.g., "Dr. Frankenstein...Colin Clive. Elizabeth...Mae Clark. The Monster...Boris Karloff.")

In "Bride," the opening credits read, "Universal Pictures 'The Bride of Frankenstein.'"

Kid said...

As it should be, eh, TC? After all, it was Karloff's performance (and Jack Pierce's make-up) that made the first film such a hit. And he was brilliant in The Mummy, too.

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