Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

This is perhaps the first poster to feature a 'real' SPIDEY
(as in someone dressed up as him).  It was given away through
SPIDER-MAN COMICS WEEKLY back in 1973, in exchange
for eight tokens that readers clipped out, one at a time, every week,
which they then submitted to the Marvel offices in return for their
poster.  Although I have the poster, it's too big for scanning, so
here's the preview pic printed in the comic to show Marvelites
what they were actually getting.  Hey, it looked great back
in the day, but I was only 14 then, remember.


Paul McScotty- Muir said...

I was so disappointed in this poster when they finally revealed it - I was so glad I never clipped my excellent Ditko SMCW's in anticipation of this piece of crap (imho of course).

Kid said...

I didn't care - it covered a damp patch on the wall. Yeah, it was hardly what we expected from the early description, was it? I bought two issues of each mag, so cutting out the coupon wasn't a problem.

B Smith said...

There was a terrific photo of Spider-Man taken for use in the article that appeared in the April 1973 issue of Creem...


Would have made a great poster - that one you've shown is terrible! I'd have been disappointed at any age.

Kid said...

Took a look, BS - I wonder if it's the same costume in both photos? I also wonder why bigglee stamps his name all over the images he uses. He doesn't own the copyright and these images aren't supposed to be 'affixed to any other form of advertising'. (Yeah, I know it's so that know one else can use the images, but there's ways of doing that without ruining the pictures.)

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