Saturday, 19 September 2015


Would you trust these men?

Remember when all those money-grubbing politicians were
involved in an expenses scandal a little while ago?  Their response
was "It's not against the rules!" as if that were some kind of justifica-
tion for their shameful greed and unethical behaviour.  Any sensible
person's attitude would be to say "Well, it bloody well should be!"
Well, it's happened again, as demonstrated by the  findings over
the 'cash for access' scandal involving two former foreign

Apart from "a minor misuse of parliamentary resources"
on Jack Straw's part, both politicians have been 'cleared' of
any wrongdoing, despite Malcom Rifkind boasting to undercover
reporters posing as employees of a non-existent communications
agency that he was able to arrange "useful access" to every British
ambassador in the world due to his status, and that he was self-
employed and had loads of "free time" on his hands.

The decision is no surprise of course, when politicians
are both judge and jury in the matter of their own conduct.
They're the biggest 'benefit scroungers' in Britain and are
only out for themselves.  Shame on them!


Colin Jones said...

Well said, Kid. I doubt anybody really thinks they are innocent though - we all know they got away with it just because they are part of the establishment.

Kid said...

I think the public knows just what type of people these two unseemly individuals are, CJ, but now we'll have to listen to their bluster about being 'vindicated' and their 'honour and integrity' being intact whenever they're questioned about the matter in the future. Makes me sick.

Mark Carter said...

All politicians are the scum of the earth - fact!

Kid said...

I think the only people who would disagree with that, MC, would be politicians.

John Pitt said...

Complete the following sentence:-
The only GOOD politicians are ....?

Kid said...

...few and far between? (And not in power.)

John Pitt said...

Just heard on the news that this fecking government now want to scrap free school meals for the poor kids!!
How LOW can the BASTARDS sink?
Damn them all!
Damn them all to HELL!!

Kid said...

"Language, Timothy!" What's Planet of the Apes got to do with politicians? We got monkeys, even 'though we pay them FAR MORE than peanuts.

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