Wednesday, 9 September 2015


After his 19 strip stint in The EAGLE, CAPTAIN HORATIO
PUGWASH appeared in the RADIO TIMES in 1957.  At around
the same time, the BBC started broadcasting the first series of black
and white (live) episodes (numbering 86 or 87 in total - accounts
differ), which ran until 1966.  The first Pugwash book appeared
in 1957 and there were 21 of them right up until 1991.

There was also a 30 episode colour series broadcast between
1974 and '75, and a new series of 26 episodes first shown in 1997,
although the latter was digital and part computer animated, unlike
the 1970s classic series, which used cardboard cutouts laid over
a backdrop scene and hand-moved with levers.

Contrary to popular myth, none of the Pugwash characters
ever had 'suggestive' names, and JOHN RYAN successfully sued
papers in 1991, when they printed this tale as fact.  The book The
GOLDEN AGE Of TELEVISION was published with this mis-
information, but had a 'correction' label and apology stuck
over the offending paragraph on page 155.

So, here's ol' Captain Pugwash in 9 episodes of comic strip
glory, as printed in The Eagle in 1950 - a good few years before
he became a TV legend and a British cultural icon.  Enjoy.


moonmando said...

You mean to say,Master Bates and Seaman Stains were a fabrication!
Whatever next,you'll be telling me the Wombles were not real. Hmm!

Kid said...

Of course the Wombles were real - especially Big Willy Womble and Hugh Jarse Womble.

John Pitt said...

....Well those seamates will live on in MY memory, anyway, me hearties!!

Kid said...

But they never existed, JP, so how can you remember them? You surely mean they'll live on in your imagination. (Okay, I'm being pedantic.)

John Pitt said...

Ah now, you seem to forget just how powerful my imagination is! So powerful, in fact, that it can create an alternative past, where different events happened!
And Puggy's crew was one of 'em!

Kid said...

I often do the same thing, JP - I'm trapped in a world I DID make!

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