Thursday, 4 June 2015


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I remember my dad giving me a notebook one day,
and when I took it into school with me a short time later, a
girl in my class called LYNNE SPEED (or Lynn, perhaps)
took a fancy to it for some reason and offered to swap me an
issue of CREEPY WORLDS #68 for it.  I agreed, but a few
days afterwards, I felt bad about having parted with the
notebook and asked Lynne if she'd swap back.

She was agreeable to the proposition, but it took her 
several more days to bring the notebook into school with
her.  And that's all there is to that little story.  Apart from to
say that the IRON MAN strip in this ALAN CLASS reprint
title always reminds me of the annexe huts (where the deal was
struck) in my school playground and Lynne herself.  The cover
of the comic is from an un-retouched stat of the original art,
as a few changes were made before it was first published in
the pages of TALES Of SUSPENSE #44 (below).

As you'll have noticed, 'pharaoh' on both covers is
misspelt, something that I still see in newspapers today.
When the story was reprinted in recent MASTERWORKS
and OMNIBUS editions, the mistake was restored (it had
been corrected for previous reprints), but in the absence of
uncorrected proofs, it had to be re-lettered the wrong way.
They missed one on the splash page 'though, and the alter-
ations back to the uncorrected text were less skillfully
executed than the original amendments.
Lynne Speed in 1967

Not much of a point to this post, admittedly,
but I just wanted to see that KIRBY cover again
and  remember things as they used to be when the
world seemed a much brighter and better place.  If
you've any memories of your own connected to
  this Iron Man tale, then feel free to share. 

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