Friday, 19 June 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Well, we're getting there, slowly but surely.  There are now
fewer posters ahead of us than there are behind us, but hopefully
you're enjoying the journey.  Without colour, I'm not sure that too
many kids would've hung these centre-spreads up on their wall,
but perhaps some readers did, at least.

I wonder if it would be worth MARVEL U.K.'s time to
add some colour to these posters and issue them in a magazine?
Even the less-than-inspired ones would look a lot better with the
addition of colour, don't you think?  Would you buy such a mag
if it was reasonably priced?  Or are there only certain of these
posters you'd be prepared to fork out for?

You know where the comments section is, should
you feel the need to express yourself, frantic ones!


baab said...

i would not buy a book with these in it,coloured or not.
As a youngster I could not shake the idea that this was four reprinted pages of comics not being given to us.

I do recall however,pinning a couple of them to my bedroom wall.

Kid said...

Even if it was a colour mag at only 3 or 4 quid, Baab? Just for nostalgia's sake? Go on, you would.

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