Tuesday, 9 June 2015


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Above is the first, last and only MWOM Special, from 1983,
which is the same year that the second volume of the title was launched
on an unsuspecting public.  True, There had been a MARVEL SUPER-
HEROES Special in 1979 (which we saw in the previous instalment),
which had sprung from a later incarnation of the comic, but this was
the only one ever to bear the original name.

The mag below came out at the same time as the Marvel one,
but the subsequent covers actually pre-date these two.  However,
how could I not start this post with that painted eye-grabber above?
The interior poster was a glossy centrespread of the cover art, sans logo
and lettering.  (I bought another copy from a back issue shop by the
name of WONDERWORLD in Southsea in 1985, and the poster
has adorned one of my walls ever since then.)

Okay, that'll do you for now (no point in being greedy) - see
you in the next power-packed part of this sensational series.


TC said...

I assume Marvel Madhouse reprinted "Not Brand Ecch." I remember that issue with parodies of Marvel heroes vs. parodies of other publishers' heroes. Spidey-Man vs. Gnatman, Ironed Man vs. Magnut. There was also Knock Furious, Agent of S.H.E.E.S.H. vs. the B.L.U.N.D.E.R. Agents.

Rupert looks like a cute comic for little kids.

Kid said...

MM reprinted stories from Not Brand Echh and also Howard The Duck, TC. The Rupert comic was mainly reprints from, I think, Fleetway/IPC comics from the '60s - maybe even earlier.

Nick Caputo said...

Great to see those Marvel Madhouse covers reprinting NBE. I love the MWOM cover. Any idea who the artist is?

Kid said...

I love that cover myself, Nick. I think it was Garry Leach who painted it. Stoater, isn't it?

Colin Jones said...

Altogether now: "Ruuuupert, Rupert The Bear, everyone knows his name". That excellent MWOM cover makes me think that MWOM should have been made a monthly back in January '79 rather than becoming the risible 'Marvel Comic' then 'Marvel Super-heroes'.

Kid said...

Apart from the programme makers, CJ, who should've known that the proper way to refer to him is 'Rupert Bear', not 'Rupert THE Bear'. Marvel Superheroes wasn't too bad, but I think it was a mistake doing away with the original MWOM title.

Phil said...

Poor Rupert looks positively sleep inducing even compared to Scooby Doo. Scooby has rocket ships and gorillas in flying saucers. Rupert is holding a balloon and chasing a butterfly. I won't even compare him to that Marvel painted cover, that's too cruel. I wonder if Rupert still has a comic though? Rupert has outlasted Dan Dare, after all. Sometimes the old school characters have amazing staying power,

Kid said...

I don't know about a comic, but he's still got his Annual every year, Phil. Although I note it's now published by Pedigree Books instead of The Daily Express itself.

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