Sunday, 7 June 2015


In 1976 (wow, almost 40 years ago), NEIL TENNANT,
before he found fame with The PET SHOP BOYS, was an
editor at MARVEL U.K.  In issue #164 of SUPER SPIDER-
MAN, he wrote a short article on HERB TRIMPE, and the fol-
lowing ish featured a centre-spread poster specially drawn by
Herb exclusively for British fans. 

And in issue #226, we were treated to this HULK pin-up.

Now that Herb's gone, the work that he did for the British
Marvel titles seems somehow more special.  After all, he did
it for us.  Thanks, Herb.  Miss ya.


Phil said...

I remembers that pin up with the jets and guardsman. It's strange what you can remember even if you only saw it a few time forty years ago. There are new comics I read last year I don't remember a thing about them. Is it the power of memory or were comics better drawn, more clearly drawn so you could see things? Many modern comics are so dark and confusing I can't make out what's going on. Or it could just have been white no internet and three TV stations back on ghe day I looked at the comics more.
I do like it when you post these obscure items I literally haven't seen in forty years.

Kid said...

I think it's a combination of things, Phil. Comics were unashamedly their own thing back then, not trying to be movies or novels in picture form. Also, I think we're more impressionable when we're younger, although I agree with you about most modern comics - I find it hard to generate any interest in them.

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