Thursday, 27 December 2012


Images copyright D.C. THOMSON & Co., Ltd

If ever I needed something to remind me of just how fleeting time is
(which I don't), the above comic would have to be considered a leading
contender.  The 50th Birthday issue of THE DANDY, which I really do
remember buying as if it were only a few months ago, as opposed to
the quarter century it actually happens to be.

Think about that for a moment;  this comic is 25 years old and
comes from a time when The Dandy was only two-thirds of the way
through its 75 year journey which ended only this month.  Those under
a certain age will not yet be able to fully appreciate the enormity of the
scenario I'm trying to describe.  If you're around 30 years of age, imagine
going to your bed last night as a five year-old and waking up today the
age you are now.  That's how mind-bogglingly awesome is the
realisation that I actually purchased this comic back in 1987.

Well, while I sit here reeling from the shock of practically half my life
going by faster than a fart from the FLASH, you can have a look at some
of the contents of this anniversary issue from (gasp) so long ago - perhaps
from a time before some of you were even born.  To those of you under 30
who bought the last ever Dandy and are wondering what the heck I'm wit-
tering on about - comprehension will hit you in the face like a wet kipper
in about 25 years from now (if not sooner).  Hopefully I'll still be
around to say "See?  I told you so!"



Mr Straightman said...

That giant-sized poster looks brilliant. Can you imagine, though, what it would have looked like had it been drawn by a 2010-12 vintage Dandy artist?

Kid said...

No...PAIN!!! (He said, in his best William Shatner imitation.)

TwoHeadedBoy said...

I was two years old then... Blimey.

I've had this comic (and that poster) for a fair while, mind, from visiting carboot sales before eBay and greed were invented.

The Cuddles & Dimples splash page there is amongst my most favourite comic pages EVER.

Kid said...

And I was older than I want to think about. The comic is in better condition than me these days.

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