Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Copyright relevant owner

PETER PAN looks like a girl in the above illustration, which makes me wonder if that's where Panto's custom of him being played by a woman comes from.  Probably not, but that isn't why I called you all together, agents of Crivens.  No, just wanted to say (because there's bound to be some of you who don't know) that the name WENDY didn't exist as a first name for girls until author J.M. BARRIE invented it for his famous book.  Interesting that, eh?


Phil S said...

That sounded so unbelievable I had to check Wikipedia. Looks like you’re right !

Kid said...

Gasp! You mean you didn't believe me, PS? Would I lie to you? I'm as honest as the day is long. (Nights are fair drawing in these days, eh?)

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