Friday, 25 January 2019


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100 page special!

A new epic begins!  All the Avengers teams are united as Earth is stolen!  Two teams of alien warriors wreak havoc!  The Grandmaster returns – and so does Voyager, the lost Avenger!  Don’t miss the start of ‘No Surrender’ by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub and Pepe Larraz!

Featuring material first printed in Avengers #675-678.

On sale from 24th January.



76 pages of mutant mayhem!  Three wild stories!

Wolverine travels into the past and meets her father – and the lethal Sabretooth too!  By Tom Taylor and Ramon Rosanas!

Old Man Logan tackles Bullseye, the world’s deadliest assassin!  By Ed Brisson and Dalibor Talajic!

Deadpool accepts a job from the worst client in the world – and soon wishes he hadn’t!  A new story begins: ‘Suicide Kings’!  By Mike Benson and Carlo Barberi!

Featuring material first printed in Generations: All-New Wolverine #1, Old Man Logan #38 and Deadpool:  Suicide Kings #1.

On sale from 24th January.



Dave S said...

The first issue of the Avengers I bought was #273. Makes me feel old to read they are now reprinting #678!

Kid said...

I think the first issue of The Avengers I read was #2, DS, when it was reprinted in Smash! over two issues in the '60s. I don't feel old anymore - just ancient.

Dave S said...

Amazing to think that they regularly restart the numbering on comics these days to make them more accessible to new readers. It never put me off, I actually liked the fact that I started reading many comics when their numbering was in the 2, 3, or even 400s. It didn't put me off, it just made me feel that I was reading something which had a history, a tradition, something venerable and eternal.

Kid said...

Yeah, it's supposed to provide a 'jumping on' point for readers attracted to a new 'No. 1'. However, sometimes it's just as likely to be a 'jumping off' point for readers looking to curtail their spending.

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