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Something that occurred to me a good while back is just how fickle memory can be when it comes to seeing something or someone out of its/their usual context.  For example, if a woman assistant in one of my local shops says hello to me on her day off, because I see her in civvies and away from the surroundings with which I associate her, I might wonder who she is - until I see her in the shop the next day and then it hits me.  (Who's the buggah who said I should be hit more often?  Cheek!)

It's the same with actors.  I remember watching IVANHOE on TV in the '60s, and remembered the theme tune and everything.  Everything except that it was the same actor, ROGER MOORE, who I saw playing The SAINT a few years later.  Same goes for PETER PURVES, who played one of DOCTOR WHO's assistant before joining BLUE PETER - yet it never once occurred to me at the time that it was the same person.  Was I just a total thicko?  (Too enthusiastic a response in the affirmative there, Crivvies.)

I'm sure that most of you will have seen VIC REEVES' & BOB MORTIMER's version of classic TV show RANDALL & HOPKIRK (DECEASED).  I recalled the first episode years after the fact - then I watched it again on DVD and was surprised to see DAVID TENNANT playing a prominent role.  Why didn't I recognise him when I saw him in CASANOVA and Doctor Who?  

So, is there something you thought you remembered long after the fact, only to find on re-encountering it that there was an element of it you'd forgotten - but shouldn't have?  Do tell.  It doesn't have to be about actors or TV shows - anything's fair game. 


-3- said...

For an artist, i really have a terrible perception of human faces. I mean, really bad.
Last year i watched the run of How I Met Your Mother. I was in season 8 before i finally realized that Robin, the Who-I-Really-Wanted-Instead-Of-Your-Mother girl was frelling Maria Hill, second in command of SHIELD in the Marvel movies.
In day to day life, i tend to recognize people more by the way they move and other such cues reinforcing basic appearance. And, or course, context - as you point out - is so terribly helpful.

Kid said...

I imagine in my case, 3, with Roger Moore, Peter Purves, and David Tennant (and there are others no doubt), that because I didn't know who they were when I first saw them in a TV show, there was no recognition factor carrying over when I saw them again. It was only because I knew them from their later shows that I was surprised I hadn't remembered them from their earlier ones when I saw them again. (Though, with the first two, I was still just a kid.) It just doesn't always seem to happen the same way in reverse, does it?

Surprisingly, nowadays I've usually got a good memory for faces, which is just as well as my shaving mirror is broken.

Terranova47 said...

Thinking of The Saint TV shows and reoccurring actors, Warren Mitchell who became famous with the Alf Garnett role in Till Death Us Do Part had been a Rome(?) Taxi driver over a number of years on The Saint. He had been all over TV before becoming anything other than a supporting actor.

Kid said...

If I remember rightly, T47 (I'd have to check), he played the taxi driver in the very first episode. (Update: Just checked - it was the second episode - The Latin Touch.) I can't recall precisely how many times he played the part (just checked - three times that I can see in the credits), but I remember (when watching DVDs of the series a few years back) being surprised when another actor turned up in the role, presumably because of Warren's then-success as Alf Garnett.

Warren JB said...

I watched the films 300 and Dredd, and the TV show Game of Thrones, without realising that they all had the same woman in prominent roles - Lena Headey.

There have been other moments when I thought 'wow, I didn't remember that person was in it'... but I can't remember them. The only one that comes to mind is that Chris Evans (the Johnny Storm/Captain America one, not the ginger speccy one) was in the so-so spoof 'Not Another Teen Movie'.

Terranova47 said...

Taxi drivers used to turn up frequently as plot devices in Charteris stories. Thanks for checking the credits, you're obviously a fan. I'm relying on memory of the 60's.

Kid said...

There are probably loads of actors I don't remember seeing before, WJB, which either means that they weren't very memorable in a role or that my memory isn't as good as I thought. (Or possibly both.)


Didn't go through the episodes, T47, simply read the back of the DVD cases in my boxed set. I'm far too lazy to trawl through the actual TV show credits.

Terranova47 said...

You own the DVD Boxed Set. Makes you a fan.

Maybe you can answer this as I didn't have colour TV then. The series that started in 1966-67 may have been in colour for the US market. In the first few episodes shown in 1966 the then new revolving NEW SCOTLAND YARD sign was shown, this was before Scotland Yard had officially moved into that building. I understand that the 50 year lease on that building has now expired and NEW SCOTLAND YARD has moved back to the complex on the Embankment.

Another episode showed a headstone in a cemetery with the date of the deceased death as 1967 when it was still 1966.

Ivor Dean as Inspector Claude Eustace Teal was a great foil for Moore. I think at one point they tried giving him as Teal his own show?

Kid said...

I only bought the DVD boxed set yesterday, actually, and while I certainly enjoy The Saint episodes, the word 'fan' denotes a rather more 'invested' interest than I consider myself having as regards the show. I buy most of these things out of nostalgia for my own past, and Roger Moore's Saint was part of that.

Don't know anything about the lease expiring on the NSY building, but the first two series were in b&w, before switching to colour for subsequent series. I assume (in the instance you refer to) that the producers set the episode in the year it was due to be (initially) broadcast (especially abroad) to make it seem 'current', but probably not every TV series did that.

Don't know anything about the possibility of Teal's own show, but Ivor Dean played the exact same kind of policeman (though with a different name) in Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased). Hard to believe that he was younger than I am now when he died.

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