Sunday, 31 December 2017


I received a comment the other day to one of my posts from last week.  This is what it said:  'Thank you for all your hard work scanning comics like this.  It must take you AGES and cost you so much money out of your own hard earned cash to buy the old comics to show us.'  (You can read my response here.)

As you can see, it positively drips of sarcasm and insinuates the very opposite of its apparent meaning. My suspicions were immediately aroused as to who'd be so obsessed with me that they'd go to the bother of submitting such a comment, and I've now had those suspicions confirmed.  I've just received screen grabs from a blog, wherein the writer goes on about how much hard work is involved in scanning and how he mainly uses only comics from his own personal collection, and a Twitter account by the same writer, wherein he takes a pop at me.  Let's look at what he Twitters on about, shall we?

The first comment is in direct response to my recent post on DOCTOR WHO (in which he actually quotes me, so no doubt then as to who he's taking a dig at), and the second distorts my claim that the only two surviving weekly comics from the time this country had a vibrant comics industry are The BEANO and 2000 A.D.  Here we see the tedious, infantile carping that this arrogant individual is prone to in regard to myself.  He's done this before of course, not only on his own blog and Twitter accounts, but also on other people's.  Sometimes he's had second thoughts and removed the posts (if not to hide his 'aggression', then at least his smug, pompous, supercilious self-righteousness), but he just can't seem to leave well enough alone.

I'm advised that he's also recently introduced a new character into one of his strips who is supposed to be a mickey-take of people who share my views on comics (that'll be the majority then), but I confess to being generous in my view - he's likely got a particular individual in mind.  As for his pejorative use of the word 'grandad', I believe he's the same age as myself, so he's surely insulting himself here as well.

Anyway, nice to know that I'm so much in his thoughts at this time of year, but for the record, I've got a life and I'd bet it's a grand sight better than his.  Were I tempted to be offended by his ad hominem attacks, I'd take consolation from the fact that I'm not bald and obese, and have actually had girlfriends (real ones, not inflatable ones like his) from time to time.  That's probably the true root of his 'attitude'.

As for New Year resolutions, I don't have to make any - my life's perfectly fine as it is.  Anyway, have a great time when it comes, readers, and wishing you all a 2018 that is pillock-free.


1st Update:  Within a very short time of me publishing this post (and running true to form) this individual tweeted the following comment:

"I should have known that as soon as I posted those tweets about grumpy gits, one paranoid individual would take it personally on his blog.  Pitiful and annoying.  Give it a rest and drop the grudge." 

Is anyone apart from a few lick-spittle sycophants actually fooled by his disingenuous, well-practised, wide-eyed 'innocent victim' routine?  It's obvious from his comments (wherein he quotes the actual content of one of my posts, remember) that he actually did know (as I usually respond to such remarks), and precisely who he was (primarily) taking a pot-shot at.

The number of times he's done this (he has an established history of doing so) are far too many to be down to simple coincidence - or any alleged paranoia on my part (despite his absurd suggestion of such).  H'mm, must be trying to drum up more attention for himself.  Pathetic.  If anyone's got a grudge, it's him, the sad pillock.


2nd Update:  Ah, it's clear to me now - he's got one of his self-published thingies coming out soon.  Anyone else see a pattern emerging here?  He did the same thing last time when he published 'anonymous' comments on his blog and tried to suggest they were from me - by 'tweaking' things I'd said about self-publishing on my own blog.  The timing's a dead giveaway.  Or are we really expected to believe that it's mere coincidence? 


-3- said...

It's amusing how important you must be to this poor sod for him to be lavishing such attention upon you.

Kid said...

I suspect I'm just a quick and convenient way for him to gain a temporary increase of visits to his sites, 3. Also, it makes him seem more significant if he can sell the idea to his fans that someone has a 'grudge' against him, or is jealous of him in some way. Of course, it strains credulity for him to seriously suggest this, considering all the artists out there that I could be jealous of. (He wouldn't even be on the list.) However, by suggesting such a thing, he hopes to plant the seed in people's minds. Sad, eh?

Tony K said...

Stay strong Kid and all the best for 2018 - Tony K :)

Kid said...

Thanks, TK, and the same kind sentiments in return. See you on Moonbase Central.

Dave S said...

A sincere thank you for your blog posts throughout the year, Kid. They're always interesting and often spark off thought-provoking discussions from everyone who comments. Have a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018- same to all your regular readers too!

Kid said...

Thanks, DS, for your always interesting comments and for taking the time to leave them. (And that goes for all commenters.) Have a brilliant 2018 as well.

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