Saturday, 30 December 2017


A couple of posts back, I showed you the JAMES BOND 007 secret agent set and mentioned the RED BOX 707 knock-off - well, here it is.  As I said, not exactly the same as the LONE STAR set, but not without its own appeal.  Incidentally, I still have the box for this - saw it just a few weeks back, but have now forgotten where I put it.  When I discover it again, I'll scan it and add it to this post.  (Update:  Now done.)  Apparently this set first appeared in the 1960s, but I bought this one in the late '80s or early '90s - from ARGOS of all places.  I think it's a superb wee set, and am gutted that I'm now too old to play with it.  Mind you, that can be said for a lot of things about me these days.  (Just remember, you're responsible for your own innuendo.)

And below is the version from the 1960s.  Did you have either of these sets when you were a kid?  Tell all.

And as promised, here's the box for the one I have.  Don't you wish you owned this great Special Agent Set?  Betcha do!


baab said...

I may be repeating myself here.
I had the Captain Canaveral set sometime in the early seventies.
It was a Captain Scarlet copy.
I have searched online for it but never found it,it was crap anyway,
but as you well know there may be a memory trigger when I see it.

I was not too bothered because I also received the SPV that christmas.
My brother had the Joe 90 set,the real McCoy,not Joe 80 or something.

While on holiday abroad with my kids we saw lots of copies of super hero
figures and toys which were hilariously wrong.

One of my boys wanted them regardless of explanation.
He is a transformers freak now (go figure) and recently bought a copy from Japan of a transformer which he
assured me was better than the original!
Better plastic!

You probably know there is a collectors market for copies and knock-offs,in a recent episode of
Comic Book Men (t.v. show set in jay and Silent Bob's comics shop) a customer brought
in a Robocop figure (from Turkey or Greece,not sure) which was so wrong it now has a value exceeding the real version.

Kid said...

Some of those type of figures turn up in pound shops, Baab, and you can usually tell who they're based on. I've got a keyring attached to a figure that strongly resembles Homer Simpson, but isn't. You'd have to look twice though, to spot the difference. I don't use it, it hangs on a wall in a room somewhere. The same thing happened to Action Man in the '60s - there was no end of AM knock-offs back then.

-3- said...

The addition of the brief case with the shaped compartments for the gear would have made this the far more appealing choice for young me. Even if the component parts were more cheaply made, the "tool kit" case had a high cool factor.
And, while i may be the source of my own innuendo, i make it a point to never be responsible for it.

Kid said...

Yeah, it's a great wee set, ain't it? Reminds me a bit of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. one I used to have.

(Comment originally posted 31 December 2017 at 04:48.)

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