Saturday, 16 December 2017


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Here are three comics I read recently and quite enjoyed.  First up is The BEANO Christmas issue.  Ridiculously overpriced at £4.50 because of the inclusion of poly-bagged tat, the comic itself is an enjoyable read, especially the DENNIS The MENACE strip.  It's a bit surreal in its premise, but thanks to the inclusion of a magnificently cute, lie-detecting tiny robot, it actually made me laugh out loud more than once.  Well done to both writer and artist.

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Next up is the 2000 A.D. Christmas edition, and much to my surprise, I found it entertaining and didn't shake my head in disbelief or derision at any of the stories contained within.  Much more violent than I remember, it seems aimed at an older readership than was once the case, and its £4.99 price tag is more palatable due to the fact that it has 100 pages.  It certainly won't disappoint long-term readers and may even attract a few new ones.

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Lastly, The MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL #16 (Vol 6) provides my nostalgia fix because I was buying the weekly incarnation of this title 45 years ago.  Although The CHAMPIONS are the main-named cover stars, it's The GUARDIANS Of The GALAXY strip that's the more entertaining read.  Considering what it would've cost to buy the three original individual titles reprinted within, £3.99 for 76 full-colour pages is indeed a bargain.  My local WHS appears to have been ordering fewer numbers of this mag in recent months, so sales may be in decline.  Rush out and buy a copy today and give it a little boost, eh?

Okay, that's your lot for now.  Be sure to drop in again on this, the finest blog in the universe, to see what's on offer for all you discerning Criv-ites.

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-3- said...

I didn't realize that Mighty World of Marvel was still being published. I saw a couple issues early in this century, but most of what i've got are from the 70s & 80s. Is it a regular, ongoing title still - or just specials, annuals, etc.,?

All 3 look like fine reads.

Kid said...

A regular title out every month, 3, since about 2005 when it was relaunched. There are other collected editions as well, which are also monthly.

Anonymous said...

I've got the Beano Christmas special which I haven't read yet. It includes a sheet of festive stickers and I've stuck several of them to the side of the plastic food tub in which I store my mince pies. If you recall, Kid, a few months ago I recommended Gregg's mince pies - now's the time to try them!

Have you seen 'War For The Planet Of The Apes' ? I watched the DVD a couple of days ago - for some reason I haven't seen the previous two films in this new apes trilogy but 'War' is fantastic and the CGI apes are stunning. The ending was really poignant and I had something in my eye watching it. I fell in love with POTA all over again like I was 8 years old again!

Kid said...

I used to buy the Beano Special Christmas edition, CJ, but I found that I wasn't reading them and that there was too much 'activity' pages in them for my liking. However, I've been buying the Christmas issue since 1978, which is why I bought it again this year. I preferred it when it was just a regular issue though, instead of being bogged down with plastic tat that pushes the price up. Still working my way through my Iceland mince pies, but I'll give the ones from Greggs a try in a few days or so.

Haven't seen any of the new Apes movies, with the exception of the 'remake' of POTA a good few years ago in the first 'reboot' - the one that starred Mark Wahlberg. That would've been a bit of a Gregg's mince pie in your eye, CJ - you must be a messy eater.

Dave S said...

Don't know if everyone's aware of this, Kid, but the Works are selling this year's Beano and Dandy annuals did £3 each.

Kid said...

Thanks, DS, I'm sure readers will appreciate knowing that - me included.

Dave S said...

I prefer the look of the hardback Beano/Dandy compilation that's out though, looks like a selection of old strips from the quick glance at it that I had last week- there was certainty a Billy Whizz strip that I recognised from an early'80s annual.

Kid said...

That's the one book I haven't yet looked at in the shops, DS, so must cop a gander the next time I'm in WHS.

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