Tuesday, 26 December 2017


Told you I was dreaming of a white Christmas
- and I got one.  It snowed yesterday in my neck
of the woods and a blanket of white bedecks the
ground outside my window.  So to warm myself
(and others) up, here's a nice picture of the
stunning VICTORIA - she's hot stuff.


Anonymous said...

It's been raining here for several hours but now it's turned more wintry with the rain turning to snow, for a while anyway.

I watched the 1973 Christmas Day Top Of The Pops - I assumed they'd edit out Gary Glitter, and indeed they did which I'm not sure I agree with. He's rightly in prison for his crimes but he was part of that early '70s era and it's silly to pretend he wasn't.

Kid said...

The snow's clearing away here now, CJ, though it's still fairly white outside, but I'm hoping it will snow again. I watched that same programme a day or two back, and noticed that Blackburn and Edmonds kept using the word 'glitter', leading me to wonder if he'd appear. If they HAD shown him, they'd most likely have had to give him royalties, which is probably why he was edited out of the show - not to rewrite history, but just to avoid having to pay him. However, I share your uncertainty on the matter. Surely we can't all be expected to jettison happy memories of our childhoods by not listening to songs we grew up with and associate with our youth? We have to learn, I think, to separate the song from the singer, and the singer (or actor or presenter) as he was perceived back then from the person he was later discovered to be. It's a difficult one to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard Blackburn & Edmonds saying 'glitter' several times too.

But Gary Glitter is still on YouTube and I watched 'Another Rock & Roll Christmas' which I haven't heard for years. It's never played on the radio now and it's ignored by Xmas compilation CDs but I was reading the YouTube comments and several people said they've heard 'Another Rock & Roll Christmas' played in shops with no complaints which seems to show that most people can separate a song from the actions of the singer.

Kid said...

Although nowadays most people under a certain age don't even know who he is, so maybe that's why they don't complain. Never liked him anyway, but those who were fans of his in his heyday and are sickened by his behaviour, will probably find it difficult to think back on their childhoods without feeling sullied in some way by the association of his songs with their youth - unless, of course, they can make that separation.

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