Sunday, 24 September 2017


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Back around September of 1970, I bought SUPER DC #1 from a local grocery/newsagent's type shop called CORSON'S (which still inhabits the same premises today and is run by a member of the same family - though not under the Corson's name).  When I think back to that time, it seems that the 14 issue run of the monthly mag lasted for years, and that I inhabited the house I was then living in for many years after Super DC came to an end.  However, checking the dates reveals that I continued to live in that particular house for only a year and 9 months after #1 came out, before moving to another house in a different neighbourhood.  Or to put it another way, we flitted a mere 7 months (or thereabouts) after Super DC ended around November of 1971.

I can't quite believe it!  Didn't I continue to live in that house for several years after the comic's demise?  It sure feels like it.  But no, just over half a year later I was somewhere else, though it sure doesn't seem like that when I think back to that time.  I once heard a saying on the radio which ran something like this:  "The memories of childhood are without time and without end."  Or it might've been "...without end and without time."  (Anyone know for sure, and where the saying originated?)  That's exactly how it seems to me - childhood lasted forever, and there seemed to be no beginning or end to it.  We grew up not quite knowing we were doing so, so there seemed to be no definite boundary line between our childhoods and the commencement of our adult years.  We just suddenly found ourselves in 'Adult-land', without knowing how or when we got here.

Anyway, perhaps such philosophical ponderings are not something which interests you, but you may be interested in seeing the cover of Super DC #1 and its free gifts again.  So here you are.

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