Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I've finally managed to get my TV CENTURY 21 Specials
down from the loft, so I've snapped a piccie of them to make you
all jealous.  Back in the 1960s, I only bought the first two (maybe
three) of them - don't recall even seeing the remaining three when
they originally went on sale.  Got all six of them now 'though,
and had 'em for a good while.

Did you have any of these comics?  Feel free to share
your reminiscences of them in the comments section.


Phil said...

I don't have any of those! But I do have the collected reprints. I don't believe the paperback collection contains all the reprints though, only a selection.

Kid said...

Those books are excellent, Phil, with quite a few pages printed from the original art. You're right, they don't reprint complete issues at one go, only selections from various issues.

John Pitt said...

No, I didn't have any either and I only ever had the first annual too.

Kid said...

Regarding that first Annual, JP, I've seen it on eBay for £75 upwards, amd also for about £5 or £6 - in great condition too. Might be worth ckecking eBay out if you're looking to replace the book.

John Pitt said...

Luckily I've still got the annual, Kid - and in pretty good nick, too!

Kid said...

Good show, JP - mind and look after it.

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