Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Ooh, look at the latest goodie I picked up from somewhere-
or-other recently.  Regarding the page below, I used to own the
original artwork for it.  I'll have to check whether I made a copy
before I parted with it, but I do have a photo somewhere.

From SCORCHER, May 30th 1970

I mainly associate KEN REID with FRANKIE STEIN, so it's
interesting to see, in the strip below, a version by Ken of the 'real'
monster, as opposed to the 'friendly' one.  I was never into football,
but I bought SHOOT!, SCORCHER, SCORE (and Scorcher &
Score when they merged) for a while, at least.  Do I recall any
of these football strips?  Do I 'eck as like!  Enjoy!

From SCORCHER, June 26th 1971

Original art for The SUB


pete doree said...

Wow, that's a treasure and and a 'alf, and no mistake!

Kid said...

Ain't it great? And it's MINE!

John Pitt said...

Wowsers! I didn't know they'd actually compiled them into a book! - Honest! I was just speculating.
It goes just nice with the other 3!

Kid said...

Mine - ALL mine! Cackle!

Ken said...

Is Football Forum included in this book? I remember reading Sub but cannot recall the other Ken Reid footie strips. As with all of Ken's work, an absolute joy.


Kid said...

Football Forum - and every other football themed strip that Ken drew for Scorcher (& Score).

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