Tuesday, 5 May 2015


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Ah, the innocence of youth!  I recall buying this SPIDER
MAN TREASURY EDITION on a sunny Saturday in 1974 and
locking myself in the cubicle of a public toilet not far from the news-
agent's where I'd obtained it.  Safely ensconced within, I perused the
pulsating pages of the very first Treasury Edition that MARVEL
had released to rabid readers everywhere, unaware of the dodgy
reputation that many such places are prone to. 

However, it was daytime, and a female attendant resided in an
office between the ladies and the gents (being a council-run toilet),
so I was probably safe from any predatory persons who might fre-
quent such establishments for purposes other than what they were
designed for - taking a dump or a pee, or poring over a comic or
three because the buyer couldn't wait until he got them home.

Even today, whenever I glance at this mag, I seem to smell dis-
infectant and hear the sound of running water in the cisterns, such
was the impression made on me by my surroundings 41 years ago.
Funny that, eh?  And you'll be relieved to hear that I don't rush off to
the nearest public lavvy whenever I buy a comic today - I wait until
I get home and then sit and read it perched on the porcelain of my
own loo.  It's cleaner for a start, and has a completely blameless
reputation.  ('Though I'd give it 10 minutes if I were you.) 


John Pitt said...

Unfortunately I never owned a single one of this magnificent series, or even seen the inside of one before. They were always a bit out of my price reach in those days and all I could do was covet them!

Colin Jones said...

The Thor TE was also dated 1974 but I bought mine while on holiday in August 1977 and I got the 1975 Conan TE at the same time - I don't know why they were still on sale in summer '77 but I'm glad they were.

Kid said...

You poor deprived lad, JP. What deprivation you suffered. Why not buy some on eBay?


They resurfaced from some to time, CJ, so I suspect that some of them were lost in a warehouse somewhere. The Thor one suddenly re-appeared en masse in Scotland in the late '70s or early '80s.

John Pitt said...

I did however, have the tabloid sized Superman #1 and Movie special.

Kid said...

I've got two of each - I win. Hee hee.

Graham said...

I remember seeing this in the local grocery store and begging my mom for a buck fifty to buy it. This was really my introduction to the Marvel Universe because I ended up buying many of the subsequent Treasuries (FF, Thor, Hulk, that great Conan that featured Red Nails). It was a great way for a late comer to catch up.

Kid said...

Or even for an early bird to re-acquire some great classics, Graham. A nightmare to store 'though.

moonmando said...

The great thing about getting older is that I get to spend more time sitting on the throne,(it takes longer you see) but I do find it is a special little haven of tranquility for catching up on reading or generally perusing upon the meaning of life,until I get the usual scream from the wife of , "How long are you gonna be in there,it'll soon be Christmas!"
Worse still of course is when you've found yourself safely ensconced in your little Oasis of joy and you find that you've forgotten any reading material....Aargh!!!

Kid said...

Remember this slogan, Moony - "Always carry a comic into the cludgie!"

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