Friday, 8 May 2015


FOLLYFOOT, the TV show, had finished in September of
1973 ('though the three series were repeated at regular intervals),
but the Annuals (there were five of them) continued until '76, when
the one for '77 was published.  I don't remember if I ever actually
watched the show, other than snippets of the odd episode, but the
theme tune is surely burned into the brain of everyone who
heard it back in the day.  (Sing up at the back there.)

The art in the strip below is interesting, in that it's clearly
trying to look like the style of MIKE NOBLE (who drew the
strip in LOOK-IN), but isn't entirely consistent.  I'd tenuously
suggest it could be by JOHN COOPER, but I wouldn't bet my
last bag of jelly babies on it.  Anyone know for sure?

Anyway, today's trip into the past is only just short of 40
years, which, if you're my age, is no distance at all.  You up for
it?  We'll be back home before you know it.  So let's go!

Oh, go on then - give the theme a spin...


DeadSpiderEye said...

Mike Noble did some really excellent Follyfoot stuff, really pushed the genre, he made it look more like the wild west in some parts. There was some original artwork going for a stupid bargain price for ages, I haven't looked to see if it's still around. This isn't bad, in parts I had to do a double take, not quite up there though.

Kid said...

I'd love some Mike Noble Fireball XL5 art, but I doubt I could afford it. I'll have to settle for the Signum reprints.

Bill Storie said...

Hey Kid - just been looking at the Moonbase Central blog - was it you who asked to be mentioned to mike as per:

Kudos mate!! Bloody good call- I did have the pleasure of interviewing him yonks ago and he really is one of nature;s gentlemen - he sent me a couple of signed posters of XL5 and TBirds and also did an original Garth illustration for me (long story) but wouldn't take a penny for it!! Anyhoo - the main reason Im contacting you apart from being a fellow Noble fan is this - look at the pics on the wall behind Mike!!!! These look like brand new illustrations to me - what do you think? I've Been collecting Mike's art for years and although I have copies of about 95% of all his printed art these are all new to me. I know he has done a few commissions I've never seen these ones - do you have any info on them by any chance??
I'm not on google but you can get me at if you want to discuss further.
Cheers bud!!!
Bill Storie

Kid said...

Yup, that was me! Just to know that Mike Noble once heard my name and knew that I love his work is a big thrill for me.

As for the illos behind Mike, they're certainly 'new' to me, but I've not got a clue whether they're commissions, published work, or done for his own amusement. Regardless, they're brilliant. One of my favourite pieces of MN art is the cover to the 1966 Fireball XL5 Annual. Perhaps Woodsy or Scoop at Moonbase Central might know more about the illos in the photo.

Bill Storie said...

That's a good idea - could you maybe ask if they have any other pics which show more of the illo's? I'll make enquiries through some other contacts - if I still have his address I'll maybe ask Mike himself because if he is still doing commissions I definitely to get one - but even decent copies of the ones he has done for my archive would be OK. Will report back later.

Kid said...

Actually, looking at those images again, I'd say they were probably drawn for Thunderbirds The Comic in the early to mid '90s. I'm fairly certain that the one on the right (partially obscured by someone's shoulder) was.

Bill Storie said...

That had crossed my mind - having bought the entire run I know they were definitely not printed in the comic but maybe they were stockpiled for future issues had it not been cancelled. I know there is at least one guy who has had Mike do commissions for his personal collection - have a copy of one featuring the Scarlet crew plus Fireball and Zero x all flying under Clifton Bridge) but he's some industry bigwig apparently and very hard to get hold off but i do know a guy who knows a's worth a shot anyway.

Kid said...

Hope it pays off, Bill. Keep me posted.

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