Monday, 11 May 2015


Several posts back (here), I told you how I first became aware of
the inevitability of my own mortality.  That evening, I came downstairs
from my bed, wailing "I don't want to die!  I don't wan't to die!" - the ex-
act words of the runner on the cover above.  What's strange is that I first
read this issue's story in a black and white ALAN CLASS reprint comic
sometime in the '60s - in a house across the road from the one in which
I'd uttered these very words.  In what way does that matter, you may
be thinking.  Well, I no longer lived in the neighbourhood, and I'd
inhabited another two houses since moving some years before.

So, in a sense, reading that story expressing my selfsame cries of
several years earlier, across from the very home in which I'd uttered
them, well - it somehow brought things full circle in an odd kind of way.
The cover and interior strip were drawn by GEORGE EVANS, and it's
a cracking little yarn, believe me.  Like to read it?  KARSWELL's cur-
rently got it on his blog, which you can enter by simply clicking here.
Remember to come back and tell me how great you think the story
is.  It's a very atmospheric tale indeed.  Go on, get over there!
(And leave a comment on Karswell's blog as well.)

Incidentally, if anyone can identify which Alan Class title this
tale was reprinted in, I'd very much appreciate you letting me
know, as I'd like to track down a copy.  Ta.


Colin Jones said...

Interesting little tale, it ended rather abruptly though as if the final page was missing, no ? But Kid, I thought you didn't approve of these EC horror comics - you've said that you agree with Frederic Wertham and the subsequent clampdown.

Kid said...

Yes, I thought it needed some kind of caption, but when I re-read it, I could see it had come to a conclusion.

You don't have much of a point, I'm afraid, CJ, about horror comics and Wertham. For a start, Strange Suspense Stories (the first 5 anyway) were published by Fawcett Comics, and there's no violence or gore in this particular tale. As for Wertham, I said he had a point, but that he over-egged the pudding. The EC tales must be seen in the context of their time, and if parents thought they were too violent or horrific, then they had the right to protect (as they saw it) their children from what they considered inappropriate material.

As for the 'clampdown', I never said that I was particularly for it, but there were good things that resulted from it - like Marvel Comics, the Silver Age DC stuff, etc. We might never have had all that if publishers hadn't seen the wisdom in self-censoring their product. On this side of the pond, we got Eagle as a result of parents and educators being concerned about violent horror comics. From the ashes the phoenix rises.

Colin Jones said...

OK, I withdraw my statement :)

Kid said...

Nah, don't do that, CJ. Let's insult one another and have huffy fits. You'll ruin my reputation if we don't.

DeadSpiderEye said...

That's is an excellent story, I agree with CJ about the ending, a short coda would be appropriate.

Kid said...

What? Three people who all agree? I must be doing something wrong. Yeah, it's a beezer of a tale.

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