Friday, 2 December 2016


Do you remember, as a youngster, making your way home
on a dark evening after a day out adventuring, and, as you caught
sight of your house, glimpsing the amber glow of the standard lamp
in your living-room, penetrating the curtains like a beacon to light
your way home?  Do you recall the sudden surge of renewed ener-
gy that infused your weary limbs, egging you on as you realised
you'd soon be warm and comfy in  familiar surroundings?

So do I!  In fact, 33 years ago, after my family had moved
to a new house in another neighbourhood, I'd sometimes pass my
former domicile on dark nights and trying to recapture that feeling,
as I hadn't lived long enough in our new residence to have re-created
the experience.  I'd see the light emanating from my previous home
and imagine for a moment that I still lived there.  Then the moment
would pass and I'd set course for my new abode some distance
away, warmed and fortified by memories of earlier times.

Nowadays, I reminisce fondly about that magical expe-
rience whenever I pass one of my former homes on a dusky
evening, and as I've said elsewhere before, I sometimes feel that
I could wander up the path of any of my previous houses, put my
key in the lock, and walk in to find everything just as it used to be.
You'll find that it doesn't matter how much you enjoy going out,
holidaying abroad, or travelling the world - nothing compares
to that sudden electric thrill of recognition on catching that
first sight of home and hearth when you return.

  Dulce Domum indeed.   


Paul McScotty Muir said...

Gawd yeah I miss that feeling of contentment / safety etc to be home with your family after a hard day a school or as you say out and about saving the world and righting wrongs (and playing footy) and catching glimpse of the hpuse especially at this time of year (and the smell of my mums cooking etc) - Gold dust moments Kid

Kid said...

Gold dust indeed, PM. These moments are like old friends who accompany us through life. We'd be poorer for the absence of them.

Steve said...

Hi Kid
Reading this blog took me back to the winter of 1963,a great winter for a young boy and his sled ,I remember trudging home with my sled and seeing my old house with the lights on,knowing I,d soon be in front of a coal fire with a bowl of my grandmother,s stew in my hands.
These memories are definitely gold dust.

Kid said...

Ah, 1963 - I remember it well. In fact, the house in the photo adorning this post is the very one I was living in that year, although the photo was taken around 50 years later - long after we'd moved away. Would today's youngsters even know what a coal fire is, I wonder? (Great snowfall that year.)

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