Saturday, 17 December 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

Saturday - traditionally the day I'd buy my weekly comics as
a teenager back in the '70s.  That continued in the '80s, but by the
time the '90s came around, there weren't too many weekly periodi-
cals left - at least, not of the kind that interested me.  Now and again,
it's Saturday when I buy the latest monthly issue of The MIGHTY
WORLD Of MARVEL (even though it may've gone on sale a few
days before), and I luxuriate in the illusion that nothing much has
changed in the 44 years since that esteemed publication first 
hit newsagents' counters back in 1972.

I continue to buy the title mainly out of a desire for conti-
nuity, unwilling to relinquish a familiar habit I've indulged in
for most of my life, but it's still a rather nifty magazine, with some
entertaining content that makes my commitment to it worthwhile.
I must admit though, that if the mag were to resume featuring The
The FANTASTIC FOUR, (as it did when it first came out), then
I'd be a very happy chappie.  However, I still get a thrill when
I see the masthead staring back at me from the shelves
of my local WH SMITH's.

That's the cover of the latest issue above.  Why not give it
a try and immerse yourself in another world?  The Mighty
World Of Marvel to be precise.  But be warned - once you've
entered its hallowed halls, things will never again be the same.
Available in shops right now  - buy one today.


Colin Jones said...

I've mentioned before that my local WH Smith's closed in 2014 so I have to rely on Tesco for my magazines these days. They recently started selling Panini Marvel comics but only Astonishing Spider-Man, Avengers Universe and Wolverine & Deadpool so no MWOM.

Kid said...

If they can get those mags, CJ, they should be able to get MWOM. Might be worth asking them if they can. (Could it be that MWOM is sold out before you see it?)

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