Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Remember when houses had a floor-to-ceiling cupboard in
the kitchen that served as a larder?  The kitchen of the house in
which I now live used to have one, but it was removed when the
property was refurbished back in the mid-1980s, when my family
and myself were living somewhere else.  When we returned over
four years later, the larder was gone.  Y'know what?  I miss
it - it somehow gave the kitchen character.

In this larder used to be a tin with a picture of a little boy
sitting on a *raft in the middle of a river.  Beside the boy was a
dog - a Scottie, I think.  The lad may've been HUCKLEBERRY
FINN or TOM SAWYER, but he was definitely in that mould.
I wish I could find a replacement for that old tin, as even just
thinking about it returns me to a long-vanished era.

This tin (a biscuit tin) used to reside in a drawer in the
kitchen of my previous house, and also, I'm sure, the kitchens
of the two homes before that.  Then, I merely took it for granted,
but in this house, it acquired the status of a link to my childhood,
which is sort of what happens to most items that lay around for
any length of time.  At first, they're just there and we're only
dimly aware of them, but eventually, we somehow come
to notice them more and grow to cherish them.

At least, that's how it is with me.  Like a lot of things, the
tin eventually disappeared, and I have no idea how long it was
after it's disposal before I first noticed its absence.  However, the
tin is not the central point of this post;  no, it's a little chalk 'snow-
man' that, after a few years as a Christmas decoration, was con-
signed to the tin when he eventually became a little the worse-
for-wear.  That was the old tin's purpose you see - to store
various items 'til they were required again (if ever).

Close to 30 years ago, I saw the snowman's twin in
JOHN MENZIES, amongst an array of 'cake-toppers' on
a shelf, and immediately snapped him up.  Like the tin, I can no
longer recall (if I ever even knew) when the original vanished, but
it may have been around the same time as the tin, which could've
been the mid-to-late '70s.  So whenever I look at that snowman
today, I'm reminded of past Christmases in four houses, as
well as the tin which I'd dearly like to own again.

If you happen to have one of these tins, get in touch
if you'd consider selling it.  That's the snowman at the top of
the post, although, as he's got a flesh-coloured face, maybe he's
meant to be an Eskimo kid in a snowsuit for all I know.  Anyway,
I just felt like a bit of shameless reminiscing, so hopefully you'll
forgive my self-indulgence.  Is there anything you miss from
your youth that you'd like to own again?  (Aside from your
youth, obviously.)  Tell your fellow Criv-ites.


(*Update:  And below is a picture of the tin.  As you can see,
 it's not a raft - it's a wash-tub, but I was right about the rest.)

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