Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

As far as I can remember, no British MARVEL mag of the '70s and
'80s followed the U.K. tradition of having snow on the cover masthead
before THOR & The X-MEN #37 was published, so this one's a col-
lecter's item on that basis alone.  And having ICEMAN's head in the
corner was another n-ice touch for a winter issue, don'tcha think?

(If I'm mistaken and there was a U.K. Marvel mag prior to this
one with snow on the masthead, then let me know, frantic ones!)


Colin Jones said...

Kid, I'm surprised you don't have a festive theme for the Crivens masthead...L** S******* does for B*****...just saying :D

Kid said...

H'mm that's odd - we seem to be getting some interference on the Crivens' comments wavelength. However, what are you on about, CJ? I've got white lettering to denote snow.

Colin Jones said...

By the way, Kid - I've just been watching the Dr. Who Christmas special on iplayer and, as you said a couple of days ago, it was quite enjoyable - better than I expected. I think the absence of an irritating female companion helped a lot too. But sadly that state of affairs won't last long. I also watched the return of Pop Quiz which is back for two specials...remember it from the '80s ?

Kid said...

At first I feared the worst after the way they introduced him at the start of the story (like a comedic klutz), but it was a straightforward-told little tale. As for Pop Quiz, I don't think I ever watched it back in the '80s, CJ.

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