Friday, 30 December 2016


No, not the '70s Dr. WHO TV serial storyline of that name,
but the three FREDERICK MULLER books published back in
the '60s.  BBC BOOKS have republished them with their original
dustjackets, and very nice they look too, sitting on my bookshelf
together.  If you're a Dr. Who fan, you'll want to have this trilogy
of handsome volumes in your collection, so why not take a
trip along to your local bookshop and buy them?

Go on, revisit The Doctor's past today!


Curiously, the original publisher, Frederick Muller, is named
as Frederik Muller in these volumes.  Perhaps someone at 'BBC
Books' was thinking of the bibliographer, book seller, and print
collector who was born in 1817 and died in 1881, even though
previous paperback editions had the 'correct' spelling.


John Pitt said...

I only got the first one and it seems a lot thinner than my original (2nd) edition was!
Probably the paper?

Kid said...

I've never actually handled an original copy, JP, but I did get the impression (going on photos I'd seen of the 1964 edition) that the reprint was thinner. Your memory confirms that, so I'd say it's extremely likely that the first one had thicker paper. It's great to see the original dustjacket illustration 'though.

John Pitt said...

Especially as I didn't have the first edition, but the second with a greyish dust jacket ( same picture ).
And I've just tracked down a reasonably-priced Armada paperback, which I was after for the different illustrations therein!

Kid said...

What kind of condition, JP? I've got quite a good one, but I've seen ones falling to pieces going at ridiculous prices. Currently reading The Zarbi, but although okay, it's not as well-written as the two David Whitaker books.

John Pitt said...

It's only in "good" condition, but as long as all the illustrations are intact, that's all I'm really bothered about. Yeah, - ridiculous prices, I've recently sent away for a few more Dalek books, including the Dalek Omnibus ( NOT the DW& the Daleks Omnibus, - I've already got that [lovely] book ) and some were going for £994.99!?!?
I thought to myself, "Yeah, - good luck with THAT!"

Kid said...

I've got that Dr. Who & The Daleks Omnibus myself, JP. Got it in a church fayre for a few pence close to 30 years ago. My! Haven't things shot up in price.

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