Wednesday, 17 June 2015


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I see that The DANDY Summer Special is currently on sale
in my local WHS.  Back by popular demand?  I very much doubt it!
It's extremely unlikely that D.C. THOMSON's were inundated with
appeals, but perhaps enough readers bought the last one to make it
worthwhile issuing another this year.  Back by lukewarm request
is probably a more accurate description.

Anyway, I looked through a copy and, too few pages aside, it's
a mess - a collection of the very worst that the comic had to offer
in the lead-up to its last gasp in 2012.  I usually purchase publications
such as this to support the remnants of a once-thriving industry, but I
won't be buying this one.  Those who read The Dandy in its heyday,
looking to wallow in nostalgia and expecting to see again the much-
loved characters of their youth are bound to be disappointed.

The characters are there, sure enough, but not in a form anyone
who isn't a teenager will recognize.  Trust me, overall, this Special is
in no way special, and is immense in its awfulness.  Unless you have
the previous two and are a completist, save yourself £5.99 and buy
yourself a Dandy back-number from eBay.  It's a shame that, cover
aside, Thomson's seem to have abandoned the nostalgia factor in
the marketing of the title - let's hope it's a one-off, eh?   
Verdict:  A wasted opportunity - don't waste your money.


Colin Jones said...

I remember my father bought some "Scotch pies" from Iceland and they looked exactly like the pies in the Dandy and Beano - you know the ones, Kid - where there'd be a massive slap-up meal of pies, chips and beans.

Kid said...

I've got a box of those pies in my freezer, CJ, but I get them from Farmfoods, not Iceland. (Six for only £1.60 - mmmmmm.)

moonmando said...

I loved the three bears massive pile up of sausage and mash. Or was it in the little Plum strip?
I can't remember...

Kid said...

Well, Leo Baxendale, who created both strips, claimed that he never went for the slap-up meal in the final panel, although, like you, Moony, I also seem to remember seeing them. (I could be imagining it, I suppose.) They did happen in quite a few other strips though.

(Originally posted on 18 June 2015 at 14:47.)

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