Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Images copyright DC COMICS

If I were a proper reviewer, I'd tell you all about the plot of the
three comicbook titles you see before you - but in order to do that,
I'd have to re-read them to refresh my memory.  Which, by the way,
I am going to do at some stage, but why should you have to wait
until then to see these impressive images?

What concerns me more at the moment is that these mags are
now a quarter of a century old.  Yup, 25 years ago is when they
first hit the stands in comicbook stores on both sides of the pond.
I nearly said spinner-racks then, but I'm uncertain if they were still
around back then - for comic mags anyway.  (The comics are
dated June, but probably went on sale around March.)

When I think of the people I knew who are now dead that
were alive back then, it's hard to get my mind around sometimes,
as 1990 still seems fairly recent to me.  However, I haven't opened
the door on this trio of tasty treats in order to depress you with such
thoughts;  no, I merely want to encourage you to seek out these
issues for yourselves, if you haven't already got them.

And if you have, what are your memories of them?  Go on,
leave a comment - this blog needs something worth reading! 

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