Thursday, 7 May 2015


Betcha when you saw the above pic in thumbnail form,
you thought "What's that nutter up to now?"  However, it's
not what you thought it was, it's only a sausage and there's
an amusing true story behind it.

So I'm in my local ICELAND (trying to avoid PETER
ANDRE over in FARMFOODS - traitor) and see an empty
checkout.  I ask the bored-looking assistant if she's serving -
"Yes," she says - so I hand over my bag of 40 (count 'em - 40)
sausages for only £2, and, as she's about to scan the barcode,
a trio of women appear from nowhere (like Mr. BENN's
shopkeeper) and form a queue behind me.

"Where did they come from?" asks the assistant, jokingly.
"They followed me," quips I.  "I have that effect on women -
it's the 'links' effect," I say, pointing at the bag of sausages
on the counter.  Cue uproarious laughter all 'round.  Some-
times I amaze even myself with just how witty I am.

(LYNX effect - LINKS effect.  Geddit?  Nobody
around here ever watch the TV ads?  Sheesh!)


John Pitt said...

All right, I've got one for you:-
I was getting my change at the checkout at Tesco's when a supervisor came up and said to the cashier, "Somebody's spilt a packet of raisins next to your till. I'm going to send a cleaner to sweep them up." As I was walking away, I said to the cashier, "She's just keeping you informed of the CURRANT situation."
Did she laugh?
Did she 'eckaslike!

Kid said...

That supervisor was just 'raisin' a laugh, JP.

John Pitt said...

Well after the blank reception I received, I felt like in - sultana!

Kid said...

Isn't that the name of a Peter Andre song?

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