Wednesday, 6 May 2015


The comic strip version of BILLY BUNTER (created by FRANK
RICHARDS, the pen name of CHARLES HAMILTON) appeared in
KNOCK-OUT Comic and was originally drawn by FRANK MINNITT.
After Minnitt's death, other artists took over the strip, amongst them ERIC
REG PARLETT.  It's Reg with whom I identify the strip, from VALIANT
& SMASH! and VALIANT & TV21.  I'm unsure how many of these pages
were reprints and how many (if any) were new, but regardless, they were
always visually funny.   Here are two pages from the 1972 Valiant
TV21 Holiday Special for you to enjoy.

And here's the actual cover...


John Pitt said...

Now then, about a decade prior to this, I remember reading Billy Bunter in a different comic, possibly Buster?

Mel said...

In your vast comics collection do you have the Valiant 1970 Summer Special and if so could you list the stories that were in it? I have a vague recollection of a haunted house type story - it could have been Kelly's Eye - that I'd like to see again. I used to have this issue but it disappeared years ago and I've not seen it for sale at any comics fairs. Thanks in advance.

Kid said...

1962? It would've been Valiant, JP.


Unfortunately, I don't have that one, Mel. However, at the moment, DVDs are available on eBay, containing collections of Valiant, including Annuals & Summer Specials. Might be worth a visit. Just jump over to eBay and type 'Valiant comic' into the search box.

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