Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Above is a MARX 'Bump'n'Go DALEK which sold
on eBay recently.  You'll have noticed it's got a blue base
and silver appendages.  Whenever I notice this version up for
sale, it's usually described as being unable to accommodate
modern 'C' type batteries in its battery compartment.

The two original Marx Daleks which I own have black
bases and appendages, and new 'C' batteries fit into it with
no problem at all.  (And no, they're not the DAPOL re-issues.)
Comparing pics of the blue-based battery compartment with
that of a black-based one, there appears to be absolutely
no discernable difference in size.

I'm wondering if the claim of new batteries not fitting is a
convenient excuse to cover the Dalek not working, so that a
seller can claim he couldn't check to see if it did or not as he
was unable to get batteries to fit.  As the seller in that instance
wouldn't be advertising it as a working model, that leaves
the buyer with no comeback - sold as seen!

(Or could some sellers be so thick that they've tried
to fit in the larger 'D' size batteries, not being aware that
the smaller 'C' type still exists?  Unlikely, isn't it?) 

Later versions of this model had slimmer waistlines,
but the two I have are the original thicker-waisted Daleks
with the big red-balled eyepiece.  Could the size of batteries
have changed at some stage in the '60s, necessitating a larger
compartment in the black-based Daleks, or are some sellers
simply at it?  If you have one of these blue-based toys that
works with new batteries, please let me know.

Oh, and did this toy come with instructions?  I've
never seen any and there's none on the box.

Blue-base Dalek.  Plastic is blue, not sprayed

Silver-base Dalek.  Plastic is silver, not sprayed

DAPOL version takes 2 x AAs, unlike MARX original


DeadSpiderEye said...

I've never heard of batteries sizes becoming obsolete, I can recall pulling out eveready U2's from when I was a nipper, except that they were covered in paper and occasionally slime too. I think they're pulling your wire.

Colin Young said...

It's easy , the battery compartment is different , it's for the thicker 60's batteries not pencil batteries

Colin Young said...

Also , silver/blue base are spray painted as they used any plastic in the factory, they are first run .

Arfon Jones said...

Hello sir, I’m not completely ‘up’ on MARX 'Bump'n'Go Daleks so I posted a link to this page on my Facebook page and my friend Colin, said “It's easy, the battery compartment is different , it's for the thicker 60's batteries not pencil batteries” and Shaquille said, “The old HPII size IIRC, which I think are still available, just not as common as the AA/AAA are now. We're probably talking type D or C now...” http://www.wonkeedonkeetools.co.uk/household-battery-testers/what-are-the-different-types-of-household-battery/

Hope this help sir. :)

Kid said...

I think so, too, DSE.


Thanks, CY, but Blue, black, and silver-based Daleks are all supposed to take the same type of battery - it's just that, in my experience, blue-based Dalek sellers claim that they can't get the batteries to fit. And although the early silver coloured Daleks were sprayed silver, the bases were blue plastic, not sprayed. The black Dalek's base was also silver plastic, not sprayed. I've added pics to demonstrate.


Thanks for the link, AJ. You're pal's got it wrong, I'm afraid (but full marks to him for responding), as it's only the Dapol re-issue that takes AA batteries, not the original Marx version. Someone's bound to know for sure.

Arfon Jones said...

No problem! (I see Colin actually joined in!) Thanks Col :)

John Pitt said...

Kid, only loosely connected to this post, but, as you're a Dalek fan yourself, I'd like to formally invite you to join this new, friendly Planet Dalek Forum. You would be most welcome indeed! :-)

Kid said...

Ta for the invite, JP. Is it a blog you've set up or are you just a member of it?

John Pitt said...

It's a new site by Dalekfan, Allan Wootton, I joined it and was quite happy just being an "indian", then, out of the blue, he offered me the position of deputy, well, you know me and Daleks, so how could I refuse? So, obviously, I want to share the word with like - minded fans! I have already promoted your blog there, singing your praises, of course, and linking in all of your Dalek posts, ( hope you don't mind? )
Take a look around , see what you think!

Kid said...

Nope, don't mind you promoting my blog at all, JP. I'll take a look and think about joining 'cos I do like Daleks.

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