Friday, 8 May 2015


Lee Meriwether - she's got nothing to do with this post, but
she's far better looking than the previous photo I used

As some of you already know (having witnessed it
yourselves on blogs we visit), I sometimes get followed
over to other sites where comments are made which seek
to engage me in an argument, or just indulge in insulting and
untrue assertions against me.  It's also not unlikely that, in
some instances, emails have been sent to some blog
owners in an attempt to cast me in a bad light. 

So perhaps you're in a position to do me a favour. 
If you have a blog and have ever received any comments
or emails maligning me, or containing content for the purpose
of influencing your opinion against me, then please let me know.
You may not be a fan of either me or my blog, but hey - do the
right thing anyway, eh?  Next time, it could be you that some
losers have in their sights, simply because they don't like
you expressing an opinion different to theirs.

You can contact me through the comments section.
Don't worry, I won't publish your remarks unless you say
it's okay to do so.  Basically, I'm looking for copies of any
such emails so they can be traced back to their source
with a view to punitive action being taken.


Yes,  you're right - this post has been edited, due to
part of a certain matter being resolved to my satisfaction.
When a couple of comments are removed from a U. S.
comicbook writer's blog, I'll be completely happy.


Colin Jones said...

Kid, I haven't got a blog but can I just say how kind it was of you all in SNPland to keep 1 Tory MP, 1 Labour MP and 1 Lib-Dem MP as a reminder that you're in the UK !!

Kid said...

Agh! Politics! Dirty word.

DeadSpiderEye said...

baab made the definitive statement on politics here a while ago. It's the art of division, rallying the faithful round a banner with the promise of a bigger piece of the pie. Meanwhile they're too busy squabbling see the pie getting smaller.

I you resolve these woes soon, without recourse to too much bother.

Kid said...

Politics - how can something so seemingly important be so tedious? That'll no doubt be down to the politicians.

Going by the posts on this blog that have been viewed over the last few hours, someone seems to be taking an interest in the matter. I don't follow people onto other blogs and leave disparaging remarks about them, so should I have to get involved in a legal process, I'm confident of the outcome.

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