Thursday, 7 May 2015


Everyone's heard of CARMINE INFANTINO, right?  Well here's a
feature that  AMAZING WORLD Of DC COMICS carried in its eighth
issue in 1974.  Safely belted into your seat?  Okay, then it's time for KID's
KOSMIC TIME KUBE to carry us all back 41 years into the past -
and awaaayyyyyy we goooooo!


baab said...

I don't think I ever owned any of these issues but I am well aware of this cover.
It was one of those ads, that seemed to be in every DC comic for a long time.

I will bookmark the article for reading later.

Ken said...

Treated myself on EBay USA some years ago to the classic Infantino set of cardboard Batman posters that were advertised in the DC comics in 1966. Got them dead flat still in their original clear packaging, two posters per pack. I had always admired them way back from 66 and was pleased to get them at a pretty darn reasonable price. Now for that lottery win to buy the Corgi 1966 Batmobile!

Holy cherished childhood memories Batman!


Kid said...

That'll give you a chance to make some jeelie pieces for while you're reading it, Baab.


Don't have the posters, Ken, but got two Corgi 1966 Batmobiles. (And a Corgi Junior, and a Husky BM.) Holy hoarders Batman!

-3- said...

They sure did include a lot of Infantino in that issue. I was afraid you didn't leave me anything to post in a few months when his anniversaries roll around. But a quick peak gives me a fine focus to build my post around in the parts you didn't use.
I've got to spend some time digging through those old AWODCC issues. There's a lot of great, and often forgotten, features in them. (I'd totally forgotten they had Clark Kent's signature on the back cover.)

Kid said...

Clark Kent's signature? Then that proves Superman is real! I knew it.

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