Sunday, 15 February 2015


No point getting bogged down with boring detail.  Suffice to say
that COMIX BOOK was a 1970s attempt at an underground-style
mag, the first three of its five issue run being published by MARVEL
COMICS.  (The final two by KITCHEN SINK.)  Well, this post "does
what it says on the tin", so here are those five covers, along with some
bonus pics which you might not have seen before.  In fact, you may
never even have seen all five covers before either, so aren't you
glad you popped in?  (Okay, who's the wise-guy who said no?)

For  some pics of the contents of issue #1, click here.

Cover rough for #1

Alternative cover rough for #1 by Peter Poplaski

Rejected cover for #1 by Peter Poplaski

Rejected cover idea for #3 by William Stout

Rejected cover for #5


John Pitt said...

Comix kind of passed me by in the 70's. A mate had a few, which I did read. He used to get them from a boutique, where they were near the door on a spinner rack. But in the same arcade was a secondhand comic shop and secondhand record shop and, after visiting both establishments, I never had any money left to try something new.
In recent times I have researched comic to see what I missed and there are some spectacular covers!
And, I am hugely fond of ALL of Robert Crumb's art now!

Kid said...

Funny thing is, not only was #1 the only one I had, it was also the only one I ever saw - at least, as far as I remember.

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