Sunday, 15 February 2015


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And now, at last, we reach journey's end, as Crivens feature the final
two issues of FOOM magazine, which, over the course of around five and
a half years, managed to produce 22 pulse-pounding publications devoted
to all things MARVEL.  It's hard to believe that it's been just over two years
since the series began on this blog, but now we pull down the curtain and take
our last bow as the audience rise to their feet and make their way towards the
exits, hopefully satiated by the magnificent meal of Mighty Marvel Mas-
terworks on which they've so ferociously feasted.  (And just try saying
that with a mouthful of marbles.  On second thought, better not -
you might choke, and I want all the readers I can get.)

Any reminiscences about any of the images on show?  Were you a
FOOM fan, or did it manage to slip under your radar at the time?  Feel
free to tell your fellow Criv-ites all about it in the comments section!


John Pitt said...

It's been a brilliant journey, Kid. Seen by me for the first time, as I was one of those who just let it pass me by. So a big thanks for giving all of it to me ( and others like me ) now. I've really enjoyed this series!

Kid said...

Glad you enjoyed it, JP. I'm going to do an 'Omnibus' edition (some time soon) of just the covers, to save folks having to trawl through the archives for them bit-by-bit.

John Pitt said...

They all deserve to be together in one gallery, Kid.
Hey, I have JUST learnt that Marvel UK were plugging a forthcoming #23 back in '79! Any idea why it never came to fruition?

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