Saturday, 28 February 2015


Sometime near the end of 1985 or the beginning of '86 (yes,
Annuals really were prepared that far in advance), I was down in
London on one of my weekly visits to what was then IPC's (almost)
skyscraper HQ, KING'S REACH TOWER, when Humour Group
Editor BOB PAYNTER handed me an unfinished page of pen-
cilled artwork and asked me if I'd like to complete it.

Apparently it was a try-out page by an artist, who'd declined
to finish it when asked for some alterations, but Bob didn't want to
waste it.  After 30 years, it's difficult to recall precisely, but I think I
drew two panels, finished off some bits 'n' bobs in others, and then
inked it.  The inks are a bit heavy, but it's not too bad overall.

This was a good Annual for me, because I lettered 38 pages,
which, at around a tenner each, wasn't bad for what amounted to
a couple of days' work.  (And that didn't include my regular jobs
for 2000 A.D. and other IPC weeklies and Annuals.)

So, the page isn't all mine, but there's enough of me in it to
justify showing it to you on this here blog.  The strip had started
life as 6 MILLION DOLLAR GRAN, was then retitled ROBOT
GRANNY, and finally became GRAN'S GANG, for reasons
that I have absolutely no clue about, so don't ask me.

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