Sunday, 1 February 2015


Oh, you lucky Criv-ites!  Here's yet another thrilling adventure
of THE RUBBER MAN from the SMASH! Annual for 1968 to
help you recall your long-ago childhoods, when you had all your own
teeth, all your own hair, and all your own Smash! Annuals.  And I've still
got all three in those categories!  (Okay, I may be short of a few molars,
but there's no falsies in my gob!)  Now, while you ponder which one of
them you'd still rather have (read the strip first, of course), I'll get on
with searching out something entertaining  for the next post.

And if you'd like to leave a comment reminding me what
an wonderful Blog CRIVENS! is, then feel entirely free!


Anonymous said...

Kid, I typed in that link you gave concerning the google-eyed goon of Gloucester but the result said there was no such post. I also used the Crivens search box but again no luck :(

Kid said...

I tested it at the time, CJ, and it worked fine - just tested it again and it took me right to the page. Cut and paste the link from the comment into the oblong box at the top of the comments page (include the http://).

John Pitt said...

Or, Col, how I did it, I copied the link to my clipboard, ( as I couldn't remember it, Kidda, - till I saw it again , then it all came back - very much like a monster from Grimley Feendish! ), and later on I pasted the link into Google's search box and it took me straight to it.
Anyway, Kid, thanks for more Rubby - you know I didn't have the annuals.

Kid said...

And, although it might've changed by the time you read this, there's a pic link in the 'You might also like' feature right under this present post.

John Pitt said...

Aye, it's gone now.About a year or two ago, if you googled " kid robson blog" the second example that came up was always " RICH BEYOND THE DREAMS OF AVARICE...."!!

Kid said...

There you are, CJ. JP's supplied the name of the post in case you haven't tracked it down yet.

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