Thursday, 5 February 2015


When I was a kidlet, I had two Bagatelles - a DALEKS one and a
FIREBALL XL5 one.  I think I acquired them in Jumble Sales, 'though
I can no longer recall whether they overlapped or there was a gap between
my possession of them, but they were great little things.  In fact, given that
its purpose is to see who can amass the highest score, the Bagatelle could
probably be regarded as the precursor to modern computer games
with which children today are so fascinated.

Anyway, sad man that I am, in my continual quest to reconnect with my
faraway days of childhood, I recently acquired the MARX YOGI BEAR
Bagatelle which you see above.  I don't think I ever actually owned this one
as a kid, but had I known about it at the time, being the world's biggest
Yogi fan, it's just the sort of thing I would've wanted.

Well, I've got one now, so thought you might like to see it.  I assume
it comes from around the same time as the HEY THERE, IT'S YOGI
BEAR movie from 1964, as it seems to tie in with the circus theme of the
DIXIE didn't appear in the cinematic classic (what's a little hyperbole
between friends?), but I'm glad that they're on the Bagatelle. 

Coming next:  My CHERILEA DALEK!


Colin Jones said...

I thought a bagatelle was something you ate - I'm getting it confused with a bagacrisps or a baguette. Honestly though, I didn't know those mini pinball thingies were called bagatelles. I had a few but none with Yogi on.

Kid said...

All this talk of crisps and baguettes has made me peckish. I'm off for a biscuit.

John Pitt said...

Any plans to reaquire the other 2?

Kid said...

If I ever see them at a reasonable price, JP, and not the silly money they tend to go for these days.

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