Sunday, 26 January 2014


Today's THE SUNDAY POST has another giveaway magazine -
THE BROONS FAMILY TREE - with another to follow next week.
Featuring strips by the talented KEN H. HARRISON telling the 'origins'
of the Broons, this free mag will be sure to delight fans of the only artist
since DUDLEY D. WATKINS to do full justice to the afore-mentioned
Scottish family and OOR WULLIE, who first appeared in the paper's
FUN SECTION way back in the '30s.

Unfortunately, the designer has gone for the cliched option of
making the pages look as if they're part of a family album, which is
slightly intrusive and distracting. The first and last pages would've been
fine - but all the way through?! When is D.C. THOMSON going to learn
that 'less is more' and stop compromising the integrity of a comic page with
needless clutter. Some of the pictures also look like they've been resized,
and the guttering between panels - as in last week's magazine - is far
too large, lending a disjointed look to the finished result.

Still, it's Ken H. Harrison, it's the Broons, and it's free -so
despite my few critical reservations, well-worth having. Rush
out and buy your copy of The Sunday Post today!  

Just look at Maggie Broon - no wonder I fancy her! Well done, Ken


TwoHeadedBoy said...

It's funny how Maggie's the only Broon that's really changed over the years - makes sense really, seeing as she's the "fashionable" one.

Kid said...

Ken H. Harrison has a knack for drawing attractive women, THB. The current artist of the strip can't quite match him in that regard (or in composition).

moonmando said...

Help ma boab,jist hid a wee sleekit peek at Maggie Broon! Whit a delight.A`ve no hid sicht a stirrin in ma loins since Jessica Rabbit came oot flauntin her wares an` lookin aw sexy an the like.A think a micht be comin oot in a rash!!!

Kid said...

Careful, Moony - if Mlp reads this, you'll give him another headache trying to work out what you've just said.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

I miss Harrison's Minnie the Minx work - that teacher, oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Kid said...

Now yer talkin', THB. Droooool!

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