Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Well, we're now 14 years into the 21st century, a century that
readers of a certain comic experienced 35 years before it was actually
here.  "What rubbish are you talking about now, Robson?" some of
you may be wondering, so permit me to tell you.

Back in January 1965, TV CENTURY 21 hit the newsagents'
counters of Britain and for the next few years life was never again the
same.  You see (as older Criv-ites will know), the comic was dated 2065
and mainly featured strips set a 100 years in the future (with a few set in
1965, which we accessed through TV21's time machine.  Hey, I'm only
telling you what it said in the comic, so don't blame me.)

Anyway, let's jump back almost 50 years into the past to have
a look at 100 years in the future (if you know what I mean) by study-
ing another 10 covers from arguably the best weekly comic that Great
Britain ever produced.  I was going to say that it seems like only yes-
terday, but how can such a thing be said of 'tomorrow'?  Just one
of life's many little paradoxes, I guess, eh?


John Pitt said...

And what a way to start the year! A contender for Britain's best comic! Don't you wish they'd given The Daleks more cover slots, though?

Kid said...

I wish they'd given the Daleks more than the back page, JP. To me, the comic was never quite the same again once the strip was discontinued.

Doug said...

That is some crazy stuff, Kid!

Happy New Year to you and yours!


Kid said...

Thanks, Doug - and the same to you and Karen, and (of course) your respective families.

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