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(Today's post is taken from Roddy Weed's blog and is
published with full permission - take it away, Roddy...)


Hi, fans - I'm RODDY WEED and I'm back yet again with a few
fascinating facts (that you already know) and loads of fantastic throw-
away theories to amaze & astound you ('cos they're so far-out) on
this, the world's greatest blogazine - DIAL 'B' For BULLSH*T

Think you know the origin of the FANTASTIC FOUR?  Well,
IRoddy Weed, am about to give you the real, honest-to-goodness
lowdown on the true origin of the fab foursome created by STAN LEE
and JACK KIRBY in 1961.  For instance, did you know that the actual
prototypes of the FF were ROBIN HOOD & His MERRY MEN?  Hard
to believe?  Well, IRoddy Weed, writer of the greatest blogazine in
the history of the world, am going to prove it to you right now.

ROBIN Of LOXLEY, also known as the outlaw ROBIN HOOD,
had four main comrades in his band of SHERWOOD FOREST fol-
and MAID MARION.  Pay attention now, while I exclusively reveal
the astounding, irrefutable conclusions of many minutes of pains-
taking research and several seconds of convoluted contemplation
on the pertinent points which prompt my cataclysmic claim.

REED RICHARDS is clearly based on Robin Hood because
he's the leader of the group in the same way that Robin is chief
of his merry men.  Also, his stretching ability mirrors the expanse-
spanning reach that Robin's arrows allow him in his quest for
justice, enabling him to smite his enemies from a distance.

BEN GRIMM is obviously an amalgam of Little John and
Friar Tuck;  John is grim-meined (hence Ben's surname) and a
man of great strength, while Tuck, despite his ungainly appearance
(just like Ben's) has a heart of gold and is possessed of a noble spirit
that echoes his modern-day counterpart.  Likewise, Ben's orange-
hued epidermis is reminiscent of Tuck's ruddy complexion.

JOHNNY STORM is undoubtedly Will Scarlet - the colour
of his fiery alterego being the living embodiment of Will's surname.
Just like Will, Johnny is sometimes a bit hot-headed (willful even),
further confirming the uncanny similarities 'twixt the two men.  No
doubt Will often used flaming arrows to lay his enemies low just
as Johnny has done when tossing fireballs at the bad guys.

SUSAN STORM is inarguably the modern-day equivalent of
Maid Marion.  Firstly, she's the only permanent female member
of the group (like Marion) and, furthermore, she eventually wed
the group's leader, providing persuasive proof that the FF were
(perhaps - maybe - probably - oh, what the hell - definitely)
inspired by and based upon Robin and his outlaw band.

Unconvinced?  Consider PRINCE JOHN then.  Patently the
archetype on whom the FF's arch-foe, DOCTOR DOOM, is based.
Just like John, Doom lives in a castle;  just like John, who conceals
his true persona under the guise of benign ruler of a country, Doom
hides his true visage under a mask.  And in the same way that John
hates Robin and his band and tries to kill them, Doom's mission
is to wipe Reed and his team from the face of the Earth.

The similarities are simply stunning, and 'tis only IRoddy
Weed, who - despite all these glaring clues staring everyone in the
face for years - has recognised their significance and pieced them to-
gether using my highly imaginative and creative cranium (and a few
reefers) to educate and enlighten your dull and dreary lives and
save you from the tedium of your vapid, pointless existence.

This is IRoddy Weed, creator of the world's greatest blog-
azine, signing off for the foreseeable future - so that you'll all miss
     me and pine for my return.  (What will you do without me?)     


Colin Jones said...

I suppose it's a plausible theory when you read it like that,there are so many stories over the centuries that some are bound to influence others even if it's only on a subconcious level. I recall reading a comment that claimed Star Wars was a blatant rip-off of the Fantastic Four and so it goes on....

Rip Jagger said...

Stick it in and break it off. Neatly done satire amigo. Very, very funny!

Rip Off

moonmando said...

Ahem, just a few reefers, Roddy!... Hmm. Seen this post before and still made me laugh, I mean carefully consider your erudite observations.

Kid said...

Well spotted, Rip.


Col, I've read before that Darth Vader is supposed to be a rip-off of Doc Doom, but I guess we'll never know for sure.


Moony, it's at least every bit as valid as some of the speculations on the other blog I'm thinking of.

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