Sunday, 19 May 2013


I recently acquired both of these JUST WILLIAM Annuals on
eBay - for next to nothing too, which naturally warms the cockles of
my frugal Scottish heart no end.  I know I originally had the 1978 book
(issued in '77), but no longer recall whether I had the next one or not.
Never mind, I've got it now.

Being a huge fan of RICHMAL CROMPTON's series of books
(which I started reading at around 11 years of age - or close to it), it
was natural that I also watched the '70s television show based on the
rebel schoolboy's antics, so having the Annuals connects me to that
particular point in my past and brings it all back to me with
startling clarity.

As I've said before, when engrossed in a book or comic that you
read years ago as a youth, when you lift up your head from its pages,
it's often surprising not to see everything around you exactly as it was
when you first read it - especially if you now live in a different house.
(I'm still in the same one, but I did wonder what had happened to
all our old furniture for a split-second.)

Anyway, these Annuals, by WORLD DISTRIBUTORS, are
interesting curios from an age now long past (in a different century to
boot), but are well worth having for those who keep the spirit of child-
hood alive within themselves, and who refuse to ever fully grow up
if they can possibly help it.

If you were a fan of the TV series back in the day, these Annuals
are nice to have - although obviously nothing  really compares to
the original books by Richmal Crompton.

Anyone else out there who wishes they were 11 again?

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