Thursday, 21 March 2013


Due to an increased amount of inane anonymous comments, I will
no longer be publishing anonymous remarks unless they have a name
affixed to them. That's to say, you can still use the anonymous function,
but please also use some kind of name, even if only a pseudonym, so
that I can separate the wheat from the chaff. Your co-operation is
greatly appreciated.


UPDATE: Due to the number of abusive and insulting comments,
the anonymous option has now, unfortunately, been removed. 


Christopher Sobieniak said...

I know plenty of bloggers who simply get tired of it all soon enough. I hope it doesn't take it out of you.

Kid said...

No danger, Chris. What these losers forget is that I always get the last word. My previous post received some ridiculously obtuse comments from someone who was too-hard-of-thinking to be real, so he must have been at it. If he was genuine, then he simply doesn't have a clue about anything and shouldn't be allowed out on his own (and probably isn't).

Grafter said...

Does this mean you'll also stop posting anonymous comments on the blogs of others?

Kid said...

No, it doesn't mean that. Mainly because I don't post anonymous comments on the blogs of others. Can't stop what you haven't started, now can you?

You've now had at least a couple of attempts under different names, trying to peddle your nonsense. It's a shame you have nothing better to do with your sad little life.

Time to put your inflatable sheep to one side and find a girlfriend perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to her you're having troll trouble, glad to hear you're still allowing anonymous comments (there's something in me that just refuses to do the whole "get an account' thing - I know that "they" have got all my details a zillion times over anyway, but still....

B Smith

Doug said...

Best, Kid. We've had our times on the BAB with what I call drive-by commenters. I think you are wholly within the bounds of fair expectations of cordiality and accountability. Too bad everyone doesn't play nice and seek to build community.


Kid said...

As most regular readers will know, B & Doug, I have no problem with printing anonymous comments, even ones that disagree with me. However, when they are just expressions of stupidity (or someone being a smart@ss with an personal agenda to pursue - like 'Grafter') then I draw the line. Life's too short. Thanks for your comments.