Monday, 3 July 2017


You'll never know how I suffer for my 'art', Criv-ites.
"Art?" you say, "isn't that a rather pretentious word for a
mere blog?"  Maybe as regards my written content, but not
for its 'cosmetic' appearance as regards the paragraphs of text.
I spend a good deal of time trying to keep everything consistently
symmetrical and well laid out, but I hadn't allowed for the effects
that different browsers have on the layout, or even the fickle
nature of individual browsers, which infuriatingly differ
from one minute to the next.  Wait and I'll explain.

If I finish a post and it looks perfect on one browser, it
might not look quite the same on another.  Also, if you access
this blog from Facebook, the layout is haphazard and nothing
like it looked when I pressed 'publish' at my end.  Even on the
same browser, the font size changes slightly every so often,
throwing my carefully prepared spacing out of kilter.


So if you see any little (or even big) departures from the
norm in the spacing of an occasional sentence or paragraph,
and find yourself thinking: "H'mm, ol' Kid's been a bit careless
there", chances are that it's down to the vagaries of Blogger,
not myself.  Honest.  Try accessing it on a few different
   browsers and you'll see precisely what I mean.   


John Pitt said...

That is like me with my galleries. I TRY to put exactly one space between pictures that have no text above or below. But one some posts when I click on "publish" that one space has moved to two! So I revert to draft to edit, move up a space and update only then to find the two pictures joined together! So I then have to do it all over again and that one space has moved to two again!
So I say, "Bugger it!" and leave it!
That's how Blogger messes me about!

Kid said...

I think the problem arises when you try to add a picture between two that are already there, JP. I've had that sort of problem as well, but I persevere until I get it right. You're obviously just a part-time OCDer who isn't as intense as the rest of us. But hey - that's a good thing.

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