Monday, 3 July 2017


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Above, the published cover of The MIGHTY THOR #144,
pencilled by JACK KIRBY and inked by VINCE COLLETTA
in 1966.  Below, the rejected original cover, inked and lettered by
MIKE ROYER in 2000.  In the second picture below, is a 1975 re-
print of the above ish.  Some diehard Kirby fans often criticise any
changes to his art, resenting even the slightest variation from the
original.  I've even seen the change to the baddie's mace in the
above cover being questioned, but to me it's blatantly obvious
why - the original looked like a cartoon duck's head!

Thor would've laughed himself to death on sight of it, before
it had even hit him.  The fact is, STAN LEE often knew best.
As for the rejected cover, it's a belter sure enough, but perhaps it
was felt it made Thor appear to be losing the battle, or was con-
sidered just too difficult to ink.  (Mike Royer showed that wasn't
so.)  Any theories as to why it was rejected?  Let's read them
in our ever-lovin' comments section, frantic ones.


John Pitt said...

You know I love cover comparisons, Kidda, but did you just add the side by side pic today?
Only just seen the first Thor movie the other night and I really enjoyed it, even though it was nowt like the comics! Nice to see that they creditted wordsmith Larry Lieber as well as Stan & Jack!

Kid said...

Yup, because the third cover was originally an afterthought - it was the first two I wanted to focus on. Then it occurred to me that, as I'd added the MS one, I might as well do a side-by-side comparison to the first. Larry came up with Don Blake's name, as well as the name Uru, so he well-deserves a credit.

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